Sunday, August 22, 2010

Smells like *team* spirit!

I'm a true believer in not buying anything that I think I can make myself so when I saw a cute headband online for the Colts, I knew I had to make up a Bears version for my football loving sister.  My sister and her hubby are die hard football fans.  He plays for the CPD Enforcers and they have season tickets to the Bears.  So I purchased a few squares of glittery felt (orange, blue, and white), a few plastic headbands, 1 inch glitter foam letters, and rounded up some tacky fabric glue, and my glue gun.

I staggered the letters on the blue felt and added some tacky glue to the letters to ensure they wouldn't fall off during any tailgating festivities. I cut around the letters leaving a 1/8 inch border of blue then glued it to the orange felt and did the same.  After the glue was dried I hot glued the design to a headband that would blend in with my sister's dark brown hair.

The foam letters came in a set with red, blue, gold, and white letters so I made up a matching set for my Notre Dame loving best friend Christine (Memories By Christine) and her daughter.

I got a little inspired and printed out a 4 inch Bears logo on my computer and traced the parts onto the glitter felt, glued them with tacky glue, and attached it to a headband with hot glue.  One of these will also be mailed out to my good friend Megan (Sprinkles of Creativity) this week.

I then had to make one for myself and since I prefer the Cubs I recreated their "bear and bat" logo out of white glitter foam and backed it with left over blue glitter felt.  It was a HUGE pain trying to cut the bear out of the foam but I managed to make two so my friend Sandy could have one to wear when she visits the place of her recent engagement...Wrigley Field!


  1. Sweet!!!! How fun is that?!?!

  2. Katie, I love the headbands,I have been looking for all white foam letters for Sunday school, where did you get them at?

  3. They're white glitter letters that came in a box of white, gold, red, and blue. Not sure that will help you much as it took be 2 boxes to spell Bears in all white. They're from Michael's.

  4. Yay! I'm excited that you posted this tutorial...I took nearly identical pics of myself wearing my ND headband, and am going to post it on Friday for FOOTBALL!!!! GO IRISH!!

    Can you tell that I'm just a wee bit excited? ;)
    Miss you and love you!

    Memories by Christine scrapbooking
    link up your projects each Thursday!

  5. Here's my post- you are officially famous;) j/k. Thank you again- love and miss you!

  6. Very cute Katie, saw these on Christine's blog and wanted to come say hi☺