Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Ever Blog!!!

So this is it!  Here it is!  My first ever blog!  I've been getting my craft on lately by baking, bejeweling, hot gluing, and in various other medium.  My wonderful college buddy and sorority sister, Megan (Sprinkles of Creativity), suggested I start my own blog to share my craftiness.   Of all the people I've kinda lost touch with post-college years, she's one of the ones I miss the most and I've been very inspired by reading her page and some of the great baking blogs she recommended to me.  I hope my little addition to cyberspace will do the same to the people that read it.

So here it is!  I wanted a clever name that would be easy to remember without giving away any of my personal information like my last name or specific location.  After much deliberation, I named my blog "Don't Forget the Sprinkles" in homage to the amazingly talented Megan and after my absolute favorite baking ingredient...sprinkles!  I looked through my cabinets and found an embarrassing number of sprinkles.  Monochromatic sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, sugar sprinkles, candy sprinkles, snowflake sprinkles, Halloween sprinkles...  Those who know me well will be shocked to discover that despite my large sprinkle collection, I don't have any purple sprinkles at all!  Sprinkles are easily my favorite ingredient because I love how they can take a regular cupcake and make it magical or turn regular ice cream into a sundae.  They're that little bit of magic in every day life that I think we all need.  I hope you find a little bit of magical inspiration here. :)


  1. Your blog looks great and I can't wait to try some of your recipes. I added you to my regular blog list so I'll be notified whenever you update! Have you ever read She is a great writer and amazing cook! Good luck with this and hope you have fun! Christine

  2. YAY!!!! Welcome to bloggy land- it's addicting:) I miss you and thanks again for those fantastic headbands:) Love you!

  3. Katie you are sweet as PIE! You have SOOO made my day! I am so excited to read scrumptious little bloggie!! Luv ya friend!!